Monday, November 1, 2010

My mojito water

Well when I decided to go Paleo, I needed to find alternative to sweetened beverages. I could always do tea, but who needs all of that caffeine. So I decided to start experimenting with homemade flavored waters. My favorite one reminds me of one of the best alcoholic beverages. :) However, with this concoction I can drink a whole pitcher and not get hung over. The other favorite water I developed was strawberry water. I have some extra strawberries on the verge of going bad so I used those. You can use any fruit here. So pick your favorite, let it soak and enjoy a cold glass.

Mojito water

1 pitcher of fresh water
1 lime, sliced
10-20 fresh mint leaves

Put the lime and mint into the water. Place pitcher in the fridge and leave for 8-12 hours. Remove lime and mint after 12-24 hours or the lime will make the water bitter.

Strawberry water

1 pitcher of fresh water
4-5 strawberries

Put strawberries in the water, place in the fridge. Leave for 8-12 hours. Remove strawberries after 12-24 hours.

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