Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Paleo Banana Brownies

I had a chocolate craving.  We all know what that feels like.  I specifically wanted brownies.  I did a quick google search of paleo brownie recipes.  Each one contained at least a cup of honey or maple syrup, plus added chocolate chips!  A cup!  I couldn't stand to make brownies with that much sweetener when I absolutely love bitter chocolate.  Then another thought struck me, I love chocolate with bananas.  Bananas are naturally sweet and what do you know I have some perfectly ripe ones sitting on the counter.  So I set out to make a delicious fudgy and cakey brownie.  I think I nailed it on the first try.  There is an awesome banana flavor, a nice strong chocolate and the perfect moist texture in these brownies.  I hope you enjoy my version of paleo brownies, which I think are some of the lowest sugar out there.

Paleo Banana Brownies
3 ripe bananas
6 eggs
1/2 bag of Enjoy Life chocolate chips (about 5 oz), melted
2 tbsp maple syrup/honey
1/4 cup ghee/coconut oil
1/4 cup coconut flour
3/4 cup almond flour
pinch of salt
2 tbsp cocoa powder
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 bag Enjoy Life chocolate chips

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.  Grease a 9x11 inch with coconut oil or ghee.  In large bowl beat bananas until pureed (best done with an electric mixer).  Add eggs and mix until well combined.  Add melted chocolate, maple, and ghee.  Mix until well combined.  Add flours, salt, cocoa powder and baking soda.  Stir until lumps are just dissolved.  Gently fold in the remaining chocolate chips.  Pour batter into greased pan and bake for 25-30 minutes.  A toothpick inserted into the center will come out mostly clean or have some crumbs attached to it.  Don't overbake!  Serve and enjoy!!


  1. These were great. I'm not really paleo, but I love that this is really easy and uses mostly fruit for the sweetness. I used applesauce instead of ghee/coconut oil and didn't add honey. And I used whole wheat flour because I didn't have enough Almond flour. Great recipe and apparently very forgiving of substitutions. I will try with Almond flour soon.

  2. My husband and I really love these! We're not on the paleo diet but there are so many recipes we use that are 'paleo' and fit our nutritional/dietary needs. You have some great recipes! Thanks.

  3. I made these and loved them. Back for more.

  4. I am so glad you liked them! :)

  5. Any ideas on how to get by without the almond flour? Flours in general from nuts and such give me so much grief (since that's a ton of nuts all ground up!) --I CAN handle oats, though. Would those work? Is the purpose of the almond flour to add bulk -if so, I think oat flour would actually do it. I soak the oats to make them more digestible and only eat them on rare occasion --such as craving chocolatey brownies :). The coconut flour with the eggs would surely absorb the moisture and be a good binding agent when combined, yes? Looking forward to your culinary advice. I'm not paleo but man do I have so many allergies that I tend to find great recipes from paleo-minded folk :). Thanks in advance!

  6. Oat flour would probably work. I am just not sure on the proportions since I don't eat or use oats.

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